Avera, CentraCare Make Microsites with Purpose

Screenshot of Chateau Waters homepage

Earlier this year, we shared some helpful questions you can ask yourself before creating a microsite. Two Geonetric clients – Avera Health and CentraCare Health – took that advice to heart with the launch of two powerful microsites.

Health plan shopping made easy

Avera Health, based in South Dakota, offers health insurance options for individuals, families and businesses by way of Avera Health Plans.

Screenshot of Avera Health Plans homepage

The microsite is targeted at seven distinct audiences including insurance agents, employers, providers and members. Its card-based panel design is flexible, giving Avera’s web team a myriad of choices to present major plans, features, and benefits with ease.

The site also relies on action-oriented buttons that speak directly to the intended audience. The “Shop by Company Size” options for employers quickly leads users to the plan page they need. The pizazz of high-quality imagery and subtle navigation animations add to the pleasant user experience.

As we mentioned in that previous post, the best time to build a microsite is when you have messaging that is aimed at a different audience than you main site, and the Avera Health Plans microsite is a perfect example of when a microsite is the right answer.

Luxury senior living done right

In Minnesota, CentraCare Health is expanding their senior living options for those with a more active lifestyle by building Chateau Waters, a resort-style facility featuring gardens, on-site clubs and cafes, a spa and a wellness center.

Chateau Waters screnshot

This isn’t your typical assisted living community, and it needed a place to tell its story. That’s why the Chateau Waters team decided a microsite was the best way to share their luxury brand and build an interested audience.

The target audience for Chateau Waters is primarily family members seeking high quality living options for parents or loved ones, which needed a spacious location to share their separate brand and purpose. With a parallax-scrolling homepage, visitors are welcomed with warm, comforting imagery and a full list of features, as well as an intuitive navigation that lets site visitors easily explore health services, floor plans and more.

Though the 72-home facility is due to open next summer, CentraCare and Chateau Waters laid the foundation for their new development early, using the microsite as a way to entice new residents and families.

Microsites should have a good reason (or two) to exist

Luckily, microsites are easy to build on the VitalSite platform, but the question is, should you build one?

Whenever you or your organization is faced with a request for a microsite, make sure you identify the purpose:

  • Who is the audience? If the audience is radically different than the parent site, as it was with Avera Health Plans and Chateau Waters, a microsite could be your answer.
  • What is the message? If the context is radically different, like with Chateau Waters, a microsite might be a great way to spread your message.
  • How much space is needed for the content? Landing pages can often serve a streamlined approach and a great way to campaign your needs, but if you have a lot of detailed content, like Avera Health Plans, a microsite could be a helpful tool.

If you need help identifying and building a microsite for your organization, Geonetric can help. Our expert teams of strategists and designers will create a website that meets the needs of your brand, message and audience.

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