Mount Auburn Hospital launches website focused on physicians, education

Mount Auburn Hospital's homepage
Mount Auburn Hospital knew it was time for an upgrade.

In 2013, SOASTA – a cloud and mobile testing company – studied smartphone usage in major metros of the U.S. and found that more than 55% of Boston adults owned and operated a smartphone. Before Nov. 17, 2015, Mount Auburn Hospital wasn’t able to easily reach that audience.

But now that’s all changed.

The launch of their new site comes with features they didn’t have before, including a mobile-friendly, responsive design that keeps the integrity of their brand alive – a brand that’s been part of the Boston community since 1886.

Spotlight on providers and locations
Custom provider profiles now showcase their wide range of professionals, and their homepage includes a promo panel for newly-joined physicians.

Though they’re formally known as Mount Auburn Hospital, the organization actually has locations throughout Cambridge, Mass. and the greater Boston area. To help illustrate their wide local reach, they implemented an interactive map.

Mount Auburn Hospital's Interactive Map

Interactive maps are great tools for health care systems to show visitors where they’re located at a high level. In this case, Mount Auburn wanted to focus on their hospital, medical practices, and specific imaging and rehabilitation locations.

Simplifying quality care data
Mount Auburn also broke down and simplified their quality and safety data. With help from Geonetric content services, the content now tells a story that relates to the patient experience.

Mount Auburn Hospital's Quality Content

Specific quality sections, like Cardiac Care, includes subpages with colorful graphs that easily compare Mount Auburn and United States averages.

Improved content experience
Besides being the first hospital in Cambridge, Mount Auburn Hospital is also a distinguished teaching hospital and partner with Harvard Medical School. To tell this story and attract new students, Geonetric restructured the section to be more intuitive and developed new, user-focused content for the Medical Education section.

Likewise, several medical service lines, like Obstetrics, have strong structures and content that highlights all of the distinguishing traits of Mount Auburn’s care.

To help drive users toward an action on the Pregnancy and Birth page, a call to action panel was put in place to encourage site visitors to sign up for a tour of Bain Birth Center or to take a virtual tour. Since the call to action is in a SmartPanel, it’s easy for Mount Auburn to use the same panel on multiple pages, where needed.

Mount Auburn Hospital's Pregnancy and Birth page

Time for a refresh?
If your organization is like Mount Auburn and ready to enhance your online experience, Geonetric can help. From stunning designs to content writing, we have the solution for you.

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