Holzer Health System launches a fully-responsive system site

Screenshot of Holzer's homepage

Holzer Health System’s humble beginnings can be traced back to a seven-bed hospital that opened more than 100 years ago in the Gallipolis, Ohio region. Since then Holzer has grown into a multi-facility healthcare system, currently offering 20 locations across southeast Ohio.

Holzer’s digital needs have grown too, and the team turned to Geonetric to provide a new content management system and support services to aid their expanding system. The new Holzer site is live, and offers lots of new features and functionality. Here’s a few of the highlights.

Location is key
To help tell their story and showcase their growing network of facilities, Holzer opted for an interactive map, which calls out dental health partners, medical centers and outpatient department locations.

Screenshot of Holzer's interactive map

Users can filter what types of locations they want to see on the map while still getting the option to search for locations based on zip code.

Doctor, doctor!
Holzer also is taking advantage of the VitalSite CMS’s ability to create a printable provider directory, which comes in handy for referrals and patient research. Whether users search for providers based on specialty or location – or just start from scratch – a print-off of results is a click away to aid in their decision.

A call to content
Holzer and Geonetric worked together to build a sitemap that spoke to the visitor experience rather than the health system’s internal structure. While some locations still have special treatment in Holzer’s location directory, all service content lives in one location. Using VitalSite’s SmartPanel taxonomy, related locations and physicians are easily accessible.

To provide more information on specific conditions and treatments, Holzer also invested in a health library to crosslink content, giving users more avenues to learn about their medical care.

Responsive on the rise
Though their previous site had responsive components, it did not offer the fully-responsive experience Holzer needed for an ever-growing mobile audience.

Thanks to the redesign with Geonetric, Holzer now has more image-focused homepage, designed in a way that works great on all screen sizes.

Ready to launch your patient-focused, mobile-first website?
If your organization is like Holzer and looking for the right CMS and the right partner to support your growing organization, Geonetric can help. Contact us today to find out more about our CMS, and design, content and marketing services.

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