Cottage Health Awakens the Force with New Marketing Video

Cottage Health's video, Germ Wars

If you want to see how Star Wars can possibly be applied to healthcare marketing, look no further than Cottage Health. The southern California-based health system leveraged all the hype around the new movie and created a fun, educational video on infection prevention.

Trust us, the force is strong with this one.

Just four days before the national release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Dec. 18, Cottage Health released the video titled: GERM WARS.

Maria Zate, public relations manager at Cottage Health, said the idea came up during a brainstorming session, comparing the health system’s Xenex disinfecting robot to the lovable Star Wars character R2-D2.

“This was a great opportunity to educate our community on our infection prevention efforts in a fun, unique manner,” Zate said. “We identified some Environmental Services (EVS) staff who would be excited to let out their inner ‘Star Wars’ self and participate in the video.”

With the help of Cottage Health videographer Derek Olson, who also wrote the GERM WARS script, and the supportive EVS team, Cottage Health’s first humorous “spoof” video was born.

“We wanted our story to focus on the heroic efforts of all EVS staff, as they work tirelessly to fight infection in our hospitals with the help of our Xenex robot.”

The one minute and 18-second video includes a futuristic voice-over, an up-close look at the Xenex robot and an introduction to four members of the EVS team.

Zate said the video was a team effort, from marketing and videography to the final result. So far, staff and Facebook fans alike have loved the video.

“They [EVS] are the unsung heroes who help keep our quality numbers high,” Zate said.

Cottage Health did a great job of taking a timely topic and applying it to a story at their organization. But not all marketing teams have the time or the resources to act on fun ideas like this. If your organization is looking for inventive ways to use video in your marketing efforts but don’t have the bandwidth to deliver, Geonetric’s creative team would love to help!

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