How Altru built a responsive intranet from the ground up

Altrulink, Responsive intranet

Altru Health System (Altru) needed a new intranet. Specifically it needed a responsive one. The Grand Forks, ND-based health system employs more than 4,000 individuals, many of whom need to access information from mobile devices.

But the intranet redesign team knew they faced challenges in making their dream intranet a reality – particularly around having the dedicated resources to develop a new intranet from scratch. That’s why the organization partnered with its digital agency Geonetric to bring AltruLink to life.

Prioritize the project’s purpose

To get started, Altru’s intranet project team had to take a critical look at the organization’s previous intranets – Green Cross and AltruNet – and merge them together to one accessible location.

Green Cross and AltruNet offered employees lots of great information, but didn’t have user-friendly navigation or design.

Altru intranet

Altru Health System, Greencross

For Jennifer Neis, website specialist, and her team, it was time to put everything in one space to make it easier for staff.

“We wanted to create a comprehensive online resource for staff to find everything they need all in one spot,” Neis said.

To get the project off the ground, Neis said they needed staff and administration buy-in, so several groups – including Corporate Communications, Information Services, Human Resources and others — were brought together to “determine intranet needs moving forward.”

Start building with functionality needs first

Employee tools, a handy policies and procedures manager, and a more streamlined navigation were just a few priority areas for Altru. To meet those needs, we helped Altru develop some key areas:

  • Employee Toolbox – An easy-to-reach link that stays with users throughout the site for quick access to call schedules, employee assistance, brand guidelines and more.
  • Calendar of Events – Altru used VitalSite’s events calendar to build their own employee-focused calendar of upcoming events.
  • Department and Employee Directories – With VitalSite’s services module, they were easily able to create separate, searchable directories for departments and employees. Altru plans on adding profile pictures for each employee in the future.
  • Policies and Procedures – Since their previous format was a bit hard to search, Altru opted for Geonetric’s policies and procedures manager, which helps staff quickly find documents through a searchable directory and advanced search options.

“AltruLink showcases a much cleaner design, intuitive navigation and better layout,” Neis said, adding that the employee toolbox is one of the most popular features. “Adding a search bar makes a big difference in helping staff quickly find what they need, whether it’s a policy, procedure or news of the day.”

Share developments with your employees

In preparation (and excitement) of the new intranet, Altru ran a soft launch to share the site with some employees, and feedback was positive. They also wrote a blog post announcing the soon-to-be launch of AltruLink, and created a video featuring chief planning executive Dennis Reisnour, who explains some benefits of AltruLink.

The site is now live and Altru employees are enjoying all the enhancements.

Altru Heath System, Altrulink

“The biggest improvement overall is having everything – from employee news to necessary policies and procedures – conveniently organized in one place,” Neis said.

Partner with Geonetric

If you’re interested in redesigning your organization’s intranet to be more user friendly and responsive, Geonetric can help. Contact us today for more information or to talk to a member of our team.

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