Meet our newest employee Sarah Ernst

At Geonetric, Agile coaches are an important part of our culture. They are relentlessly focused on improving team and individual performance. We’re excited to welcome our newest coach, Sarah Ernst. Here’s some more about our latest #GEOSTANDOUT.

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. Since I was in elementary school, I wanted to be an artist. Later in life, I earned my BA in Art and became a Graphic Artist. I still dabble in the arts through creative projects when I can.

  3. What is your favorite part about working at Geonetric?
  4. Geonetric teammates are awesome! There’s definitely an “everyone’s in this together” mentality where everyone supports each other and provides open feedback for growth.

  5. Where is the most interesting place you have traveled?
  6. In the past, I had the opportunity to visit India for business. It was a different world but it was so interesting to learn more about the people, food, and customs.

  7. Best advice that you’ve ever been given professionally or personally?
  8. Always play nice and consider the “other side of the story” before making assumptions.

  9. Favorite snack food?
  10. Popcorn, but I try not to eat it at work or I would only sit and eat all day!

  11. Before you started working at Geonetric, what’s the one thing that intrigued you the most about the company?
  12. The no-managers philosophy where everyone is self-organized and held accountable by their peers. When you hire great people, they don’t need supervision, they just need support!

  13. What was your first job and what did it teach you?
  14. My first official job was being a grocery store clerk. Being in a small town, it helped me to meet more of the locals and to be courteous no matter what the customer’s dishing out to you.

  15. If someone asked you what it was like to work at Geo, what would you tell them?
  16. It’s “open” in so many ways. The structure is “open” to individuals’ needs for flexible work hours. The facility is “open concept” where you get to interact more directly with teams. And the Agile environment brings all tasks and projects out “in the open” so we can visually see what we are accomplishing every day.

  17. We have an open office area – what’s the funniest thing you’ve overhead/seen?
  18. The occasional “raspberry” sound from a baby visiting with a teammate. It’s so funny to hear – and to encourage over and over!

  19. What will your retirement look like?
  20. Traveling to see the 50 states and gardening on warm summer days!

Join us!
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