St. Mary’s Features News Feed, Improved Functionality in Website Redesign

St. Mary's website home page
When it was time to redesign their website, St. Mary’s in Evansville, Indiana got feedback from every direction, including employees, internal stakeholders and users. And when it was time to create the new design, navigation, content, and functionality, they turned to Geonetric.

Refreshed Design and Navigation Experience

Usability studies conducted by St. Mary’s and Greystone revealed a responsive design and improved navigation would definitely make for a better user experience online.

“Not even being responsive before was like typing with one hand behind your back,” said Holly Smith, director of marketing and communications at St. Mary’s. “It was really hard to get consumers and associates engaged and using the site.”

Through a process of exploring design approaches and prioritizing functionality – such as event scheduling, patient portal access, social media integration, online transactions and more – St. Mary’s design agency and Geonetric worked together to develop a fully responsive website that is true to the brand and meets the needs of users on all kinds of devices.

Streamlined Homepage Features Social, News and Event Feed

St. Mary’s prioritized social media and event integration at the start of the project, but unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter feeds provided limited (and unattractive) presentation options.

To circumvent that challenge, Geonetric developed a social API for St. Mary’s various social feeds – including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter along with news and blog posts – all presented in a modern and mobile-friendly card design that captures the heart of St. Mary’s digital brand.

Screenshot of St. Mary's News Feed

St. Mary’s also needed a comprehensive calendar for classes and events. Visitors can now view events in the “Happening Now” homepage feature, as well as see upcoming event panels throughout the website.

Easy Access to Doctors, Services and Locations

The previous St. Mary’s website had a physician directory, but it wasn’t user-friendly. Usability studies showed individuals had a difficult time finding a primary care doctor within the system.

Enter: VitalSite’s provider and location modules.

By using VitalSite’s modules, St. Mary’s not only has a comprehensive list of doctors and locations – including urgent care facilities, family medicine and more – they can also easily cross-promote their doctors and locations throughout their medical service content, making for a one-stop-shop for users.

Geonetric also incorporated quick-and-easy Find a Doctor and Find a Location options on the homepage.

Stop by the Gift Shop – Now Online!

The Auxiliary and Gift Shoppe at St. Mary’s is a major component of their patient and visitor experience, and making the gift shop available online was a priority for the organization.

Screenshot of St. Mary's Gift Shoppe

Supported by Volusion, St. Mary’s Gift Shoppe now offers plenty of treats, balloons, games and more for people of all ages. There’s something for everyone – even the newest, tiniest patients!

Expand Your Knowledge With the StayWell Health Library

To help keep their content focused on patient care and experience in their health system, St. Mary’s ditched their condition-specific content for a health library integration with StayWell. But they didn’t want the health content to be off in a siloed-space, they wanted it integrated in a way that provided true value to users.

Now their services and health library content have a place to shine, telling patients and website users why they’re the most comprehensive and compassionate choice for care in the Evansville area.

Ready to Step up Your Functionality?

Holly Smith and her team is expecting to see “significant improvements” in their brand presence and, more importantly, website utilization. But they’re not done yet. In the future, they hope to optimize keywords and further integrate VitalSite’s SmartPanels.

If your organization recognizes that it’s time to give your web presence a needed upgrade, Geonetric can help. Contact us today to get started.

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