Meet Donna

Meet our Facilities and Cafe Coordinator, Donna! Not only does Donna keep Geonetric’s cafe looking sparkly clean, she also makes amazing monster cookies and mouth-watering candied bacon. Here’s some information about our latest #GEOSTANDOUT.

  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?
  2. In middle school, I wanted to be a secretary, legal secretary, or medical secretary. Obviously, I didn’t have very broad aspirations—or awareness of the possibilities. In high school, I decided I wanted to work in a test kitchen, so I got my degree in Consumer Food Science and then headed off to the “big” cities of Cedar Rapids, Chicago and then Minneapolis.

  3. What is your favorite part about working at Geonetric?
  4. I love the energetic atmosphere, the openness to new ideas, and the friendly and very engaged people. Of course, the facility is fantastic, and I’m part of a great team!

  5. Where is the most interesting place you have traveled?
  6. Fehmarn island, off the coast of Germany. It’s where one of my grandmothers grew up, and to me, it’s paradise: cool and windy! (I love water, wind, and cool temps!) The island is small and has just a couple of little towns on it. My mom’s cousin who lives there (now in her 90s) bicycled to the bakery and butcher shop each day—maybe still does!

  7. Give us a little known fact about yourself.
  8. I served leftovers to Vice President Joe Biden and his entourage when he was running for president. He visited Metro Studios when I worked there because he needed to record a speech. I made his favorite cookies—oatmeal-raisin—and other treats for them, but then they raided the fridge and ate leftovers from a lunch I’d served earlier in the day.

  9. Best advice that you’ve ever been given professionally or personally?
  10. Not necessarily the best advice, but applicable to my job. From my mom: “You can’t cook sitting down.”

  11. Favorite snack food?
  12. Grapes! I once ate three pounds of grapes on a trip between Chicago and Cedar Rapids—mainly to help me stay awake on the drive. But I’m sure I could eat that many in an evening while watching a movie, too!

  13. What is your favorite hobby?
  14. I love to entertain dinner guests and try new recipes on them. I’ve just started dabbling (literally) in painting. I enjoy anything artistic or creative.

  15. What do you listen to at work and why?
  16. Mostly the sound of rushing water in the dishwasher! But having spent a lot of time as a kid playing in and around the water at Beed’s Lake (near Hampton, IA), which has a large beautiful spillway, I have always loved the sound of rushing water.

  17. What’s your favorite show that you’ve binge watched?
  18. “Chopped” (what pressure for those chefs!)—and “Downton Abbey” and “Fawlty Towers.”

  19. What will your retirement look like?
  20. I’ll be very busy—hopefully singing and dancing in a show choir for adults, painting and crafting, cooking and entertaining, publishing a couple of books, doing some public speaking, and driving a golf cart around a senior community at pretty high speeds!

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