The Most Effective Way to Extend Your Digital Marketing Team


“My team is swamped and just doesn’t have the time to focus on our website.”

While I was the Product Owner for the Geonetric sales team, we heard comments like this all of the time.

It’s not surprising to me to hear that marketing teams are swamped. Most healthcare marketing teams run lean, and digital is only one of their many responsibilities. For these organizations, hiring a new team member focused on digital efforts would be ideal – but finding the budget to hire and taking the time to onboard can be difficult.

But there is another way to extend your team and add someone who understands digital marketing and the healthcare industry.

What Geonetric clients say about support

“One of my many roles as Communications and Web Services Manager at Olmsted Medical Center is to manage our external website. I appreciate Geonetric’s easy-to-use software and the fact it is designed for healthcare. Not only is the website easy to maintain, the team at Geonetric is only a phone call or email away to answer questions or help me learn something new. The knowledge and expertise Nicki and Megan share are invaluable and I especially appreciate their quick responses. Working with Geonetric helps my one-person web team feel like a much larger team!”

– Barbara Sorensen, Communications and Web Services Manager
Olmsted Medical Center, Rochester, MN

Now that I’m the Product Owner for the Geonetric client advisory team, I can’t tell you how much we love hearing these types of comments. Our team is relentlessly focused on delivering value and helping Geonetric clients use digital marketing strategically. And our most recent client satisfaction survey verifies we’re doing just that.

Almost 85% of Geonetric’s clients just completed the survey. Not only did they rate their Geonetric experience high (5.3/6.0), but they also rated their client advisors highly, with an average score of 5.5 (out of 6).

In addition, 60% of the open-ended comments specifically mentioned how awesome their client advisor is or described their satisfaction with the top-notch support and advice they receive.

Other interesting facts about Geonetric’s client support:

  • Over the past five years, the client support team has earned an average score of 5.43.
  • About 97% of Geonetric clients say they benefit from having a single point of contact.
  • About 40% of clients take advantage of our free annual symposium to hang out with their client advisor and talk in-depth about how to capitalize on the latest product features and trends in digital marketing.
  • Geonetric client advisors respond to about 107 requests per day.

What makes up a Geonetric client advisor?

While the results of this most recent survey tell quite a story, so do the resumes of our client advisors:

  • Our client advisors have on average almost 10 years of project management experience each.
  • Our senior client advisors have been at Geonetric an average of 8 years.
  • The team has a combined 40+ years of experience managing digital projects exclusively in the healthcare industry, which means we can help clients know what tactics work when trying to improve brand awareness, attract physicians and connect with the community.
  • Some even have their Google Analytics certification which allows them to provide additional strategic guidance and recommendations based on web data.
  • Many have complimentary backgrounds including a former non-profit director, a former quality assurance analyst, a former market researcher and a former patient services representative in an OBGYN clinic.
  • And this team is full of interesting people that love to create real relationships with their clients! From studying abroad in Paris to speaking Polish, from having a huge family to adopting shelter dogs, to moonlighting as a fitness instructor to sewing weighted blankets for kids with sensory issues, this team loves to share their passions inside and outside of healthcare.


Extend your digital marketing team

If you don’t feel like the vendor you partner with acts as an extension of your team, you should contact us. From helping clients become the first in their markets to launch physician ratings and reviews to finding new ways to build custom forms for landing pages, clients love the fact we deliver the best service in the industry. And we prove it every 6 months in a client satisfaction survey.

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