4 Ways to Enhance Mobile User Experience Beyond Responsive Design

enhance mobile user experience

When it comes to providing mobile users the best online experience, many healthcare marketers think going responsive covers everything. And, with most healthcare organizations reporting 30-60% of all traffic coming from mobile devices, they’re not wrong.

But it’s just the beginning of creating the best user experience (UX) possible.

Here are four ways you can go beyond responsive and continue to deliver exceptional UX to your mobile users.

Tips for optimizing mobile UX.

  1. Simplify Navigation: This Google developer said it best: “Mobile users are very goal-oriented. They expect to be able to get what they need, immediately, and on their own terms.” For you, this means to simplify navigation and menus, especially on pages that tend to have a high number of mobile users. Also evaluate if it’s easy for a mobile user to understand what to click on, or where to go next.
  2. Improve Content Presentation: One of the big reasons cited for the move from separate mobiles sites to responsive design was the fact mobile site visitors wanted access to the entire site, not just some small subsection of content. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think about how the content will be broken down and presented to mobile audiences. For example, evaluate if certain desktop elements like banners are being interacted with by mobile users and determine if they still deserve priority real estate in a mobile presentation.
  3. Improve Content Structure: H1s, H2s and H3s have always been important for Google, but they’re also important to help mobile users scan the page. Take a good look at each page of content and ensure the content is broken up with headings that help a mobile user get what they need.
  4. Prioritize Conversions: From clickable phone numbers to forms with minimal fields to maps that actually work with applications, there are a lot of ways to enhance your site for mobile users. One of the most overlooked is the call to action (CTA). Make sure those CTAs live at the top of your page or are designed to move toward the top when the site is accessed by mobile devices.

Mobile optimization helps with SEO, too.

A well designed mobile UX not only helps mobile users, it also helps your SEO rankings.

More users now search for information on Google via a mobile device than on a desktop. And Google notices how your site performs with mobile users starting from a Google search. If they land on your site and quickly bounce, Google might think your site isn’t optimized for mobile users. A site that isn’t mobile optimized means you not only risk losing those visitors to a competitor, you risk your Google ranking too.

Wondering where you really stand with mobile users?

The bottom line is, if your organization hasn’t gone responsive yet, you have to. (Give us a call, we can help!)

But for the majority of you that have gone responsive and are looking for ways to keep evolving your site, these tips should help. If you’d like a few of our experts to check out your site and provide customized feedback through a mobile usability audit, drop us a line.

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