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About Amanda Gansemer

It all started with the high school yearbook. That’s when Amanda won a contest, realized her talent for design and never looked back. Now with over a decade of print and Web design experience under her belt Amanda, helps our clients create visually engaging websites. She also uses her deep understanding of SEO, social media, blogs, email marketing and video creation to guide our clients to online success. Amanda enjoys watching 'Game of Thrones' and playing with her two beautiful daughters.

Crisis Situations and Healthcare Websites

Crisis Situations and Healthcare Websites

Recently I had the privilege of attending An Event Apart in Chicago. After every conference I walk away with amazing ideas and new things to try, but Eric Meyer’s presentation “Designing for Crisis” hit home, hard.

Imagine you’re a parent. Your son or daughter is in a terrible accident on their way home from a school football game. You get a phone call saying your son or daughter is being transported to the nearest hospital (which you may or may not be familiar with) and that’s about all you know.

You’re in complete shock. You can hardly focus, tears streaming down your face as you imagine the worst. You have no idea where to go or what to do. All you want is to get to your child as fast as possible, but it’s late at night and everything in the hospital is closed. Where do you turn for answers?

Naturally, most of us would turn to the hospital’s website.

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Rush-Copley Medical Center Promotes Providers with Innovative New Website Design

Rush-Copley Medical Center’s new website design was strongly influenced by Rush-Copley’s  marketing goal to fill their physicians’ calendars with new patients. On the home page, Rush-Copley’s doctors’ are front and center – making it easy for patients to get to know them. And with strong calls to action, it’s easier than ever for site visitors to schedule an appointment.

Taking a nod from retail designs, Rush-Copley’s new homepage is broken into sections, allowing many topics to be presented while keeping the design clean and uncluttered. It takes advantage of the fact that 18.02% of Rush-Copley site visitors are accessing the site through smartphones and tablets. The layout encourages swiping and it is completely responsive – so it will reformat to look amazing on any device without panning and zooming.

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