About Corina Olinger

Corina’s a bit infatuated with email marketing. She loves to analyze the design, the content and the call to action. As a valuable member of Geonetric’s campaigns team, Corina helps healthcare organizations across the country use email to effectively connect with and engage health consumers. She honed her email expertise over the last 7 years managing email campaigns for hosting powerhouse GoDaddy, optimizing key components by executing impressive A/B testing plans. This digital marketer’s background isn’t all email – she also has extensive experience in product marketing, quality assurance and project management. Corina holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and public relations from Drake University. When she’s not trying to improve click through rates, Corina enjoys traveling and is currently striving for the coveted Olinger family trophy.

Five Ways To Increase Email Open Rates

Emails displayed on phone and desktop
One of the leading metrics of email marketing is the “open rate,” and email marketers inevitably obsess over it. While it’s essential to know the open rates for your campaigns, it’s also important to understand that open rates can vary tremendously by industry, markets, lists and sometimes even seasons. So when you evaluate your open rates, understand that there isn’t an “applies to all” rate against which you can evaluate your performance.

So how do you evaluate your work?
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