Dawn Cooper

About Dawn Cooper

Dawn always seems relaxed. Maybe it’s because she’s married to a massage therapist. Or maybe it’s because she knows her stuff. As one of our senior developers, Dawn’s been perfecting VitalSite for more than seven years and is always willing to use her experience to help the team. Prior to working at Geonetric, Dawn utilized ASP and .NET technologies to create an online tool for updating charge description master systems, enabling quick implementation of changes in billing codes. Dawn holds a bachelor’s degree in both math and computer science from Mount Mercy University. This coupon clipper loves a good deal almost as much as she hates being the center of attention. This can be tough to balance when you’re holding up the line reeling in all those savings.

How Can One Quarterly Survey Change A Deployment Process?


We’ve mentioned that we take feedback seriously. When we ask clients to fill out our quarterly satisfaction survey, we’re looking for areas to improve.

Our last client satisfaction surveys identified a key area that needed focus: our software upgrade and deployment process. It was our lowest category – getting a 4.5 out of 6. Not bad – but not good enough for us.

So we’ve made some impressive improvements to our deployment process lately – including push button deployments. To put it simply: We’re building a lot of capabilities into how we deploy and upgrade VitalSite so that we can deliver value faster to you.

Now that we’ve used the new push-button deployments capability, we’re really excited by what we see.

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