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About Holly Fields

Holly is all about helping organizations use marketing to connect and engage with their audiences. With a background in volunteer recruitment and higher education marketing, she thrives in the marketing world. As a Client Strategist at Geonetric, she spends her days helping our clients use digital marketing to differentiate themselves in their markets. Holly is the go-to person for anything our clients may need, from brainstorming creative ideas to connecting them with the amazing experts Geonetric has to offer. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa, where her studies focused on political processes. When she’s not uncovering marketing opportunities, she’s traveling (her favorite trip abroad was to beautiful Greece!) and sharing photos on Instagram, which is her social media platform for catharsis. She’s also a proud foster mom for rescued animals, and full-time fur-mom to a golden retriever and German shepherd.

Four Calls to Action that Build Relationships with Hospital Website Visitors

Cardiovascular Assessment on Advocate Heart Institute Website

This October I attended SHSMD 2015, and in many of the great sessions, two themes emerged time and time again: the importance of data and content. Of course, this makes sense.

Data informs our understanding of who our audience is, how they behave and what they want. Building from that data, we create compelling content which educates, encourages, supports and guides our audiences.

There is, however, one thing that connects both: calls to action (CTAs).

In writing this article, I looked at websites of both big and small hospitals. Investigating different service lines, I discovered many organizations are using phone numbers, links to additional site content, request an appointment buttons and quizzes/assessments as calls to action.

At first glance, these may not seem like valuable calls to action. But they can be.
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Do Your Twitter Tactics Need Tweaking as Google Gulps from the Firehose?

Screenshot of a smartphone showing the Twitter logo.

Recently, Twitter made news by announcing that Google will be given direct access to the Twitter firehose data stream. The new agreement will create a real-time connection between Google and Twitter with the potential to connect search results with tweets from Twitter’s 284 million users.

Why is this a big deal? The firehose helps Twitter, and YOU, get tweets in front of users you wouldn’t ordinarily reach. Twitter is attempting to increase its interaction with non-registered users – which has the benefit of helping your tweets get additional exposure!
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