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Jade actually enjoys research. And she’s quite good at it. She’s one of those super-focused people who can dive deep into a topic, become an expert, and then communicate what she’s learned in an engaging way. Sounds perfect for someone who is often found writing about the latest cardiology procedure. This Cedar Rapids Library Board Trustee is a joiner – in fact she’s in a gourmet dinner club, a book club and a knitting club called Knit Wits. How clever!

Website Content Maintenance Plan for the New Year

Push Pin on Vintage Calendar

Just as the new year ushers in new calendars, new budgets, personal resolutions, and health and fitness goals, it’s also a good time to jumpstart (or start) your website content maintenance plan.

As content strategy experts remind us, good Web content is a process (not a product) that needs constant care and feeding. It won’t take care of itself. As soon as content is created and published, it’s time to start maintaining. And the best way to do that is by creating a rolling schedule to stay on top of the constantly evolving organism that is your website.

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Got Style? Why Your Organization Should Have a Customized Web Style Guide


We’re talking Web content style here. Before you prepare to strut your organizational stuff on the Web runway – regardless of the platform – make sure your style is intact and impeccable.

How? With a customized Web style guide that’s specific to your organization. If you don’t have one, you should. This is the document that defines and standardizes how your organization communicates online. It may be part of your overall brand guidelines, but Web content should be addressed specifically since writing for the Web differs from other forms of marketing and corporate communication.

OK, maybe this isn’t the most intriguing part of your marketing and communications program, but it’s an important, and often overlooked, tool in projecting your best image to the world.

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