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About Jill Ungs

Jill is a list person. She not only gets endorphins from checking things off her lists, but adding things to the list as well.. This makes her the perfect person to manage and mentor Geonetric’s project management and support teams. Her goal is continuous improvement and she brings her resourcefulness and attention to detail to her role as implementation manager. Jill is always looking for ways to standardize processes and make her teams more efficient. She’s also known as the Kickoff Queen, and some of her favorite duties is meeting new clients, establishing project plans and timelines for their projects, and ensuring her team meets every major milestone.

CMS Training from Geonetric: It’s Like the ‘Easy’ Button Really Does Exist!


Remember the easy button? One simple push and everything just magically works out! Well, that’s the approach Geonetric takes with training new clients on our VitalSite content management system (CMS).

Learning new software can be overwhelming for some people. I understand that feeling based on my own experiences installing new software on my personal computer. And sometimes installing software is easy the easy part — figuring out how to use it can be a time consuming endeavor!

That’s why one of the first steps after you partner with Geonetric is to learn how to use VitalSite, our proprietary CMS. We provide our new clients with personalized, one-on-one training. We believe that making sure our clients begin the process with a real person on the phone to help them learn the product increases the speed of their adoption and helps them move forward with a higher degree of confidence.

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Building a Brand as a Regional Healthcare Organization

9-17-2013 11-02-40 AM

CentraCare Health is comprised of five hospitals, five long-term care facilities, and dozens of clinics in St. Cloud, MN.  Like many organizations CentraCare Health is focused on building a brand that promotes the regional healthcare organization.

We recently worked with CentraCare Health to launch a new system-wide site. We pulled all of their individual hospital websites into one VitalSite installation, which allows them to easily maintain all their content (they used DreamWeaver before) and moves support from the I.T. team to the marketing team. We added new functionalty — CentraCare Health is most excited about its new eCommerce features, such as bill payment, Volusion gift shop and event registration functionality. And we wrote new content that focuses on the system benefits and educates consumers about the variety of treatment options offered at CentraCare Health.

If we had to name a client whose staff paid great attention to detail, the award would definitely go to CentraCare Health. We worked very closely with them from contract to launch, making sure they had all the information they needed to make the right decision. It was refreshing to hear them think through their options and collaboratively come up with the right next steps.

Not only is the website a work of art, it’s got some of the best content around. Congratulations to Candace, Kara, Paul and the entire CentraCare Health project team!

What Does it Take to Launch a Healthcare Website in a Timely Manner?

Working with great folks like the team at KishHealth System. From day one they viewed Geonetric as the expert and were willing to use our guidance when making implementation decisions. I’m really excited to see where the team at KishHealth takes their new online marketing effort. For fun, I asked the team to send us a photo so we can put names and faces to the project.

KishHealth has two main hospitals in the DeKalb, IL area. They are growing like crazy and the website was part of a larger rebranding effort. It’s one of the first website designs to incorporate a ‘sticky’ version of the main navigation where the navigation bar stays at the top of the page as you scroll top to bottom.

Team Geonetric has yet another satisfied client – thanks to all contributions from every team great and small!
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The Bing is Live!

Image of Bing, Abington Memorial Hospital's newly redesigned employee intranetIf you walk the halls of Abington Health, you may hear a physician or other employees refer to it as “The Bing.”  So when Geonetric and Abington began working on their new intranet, it was no surprise the intriguing name was quickly assigned. It just seemed to fit, even to me, someone who didn’t work there.

The name, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg for this new intranet.

The Bing showcases Geonetric’s Web-based policy and procedure manager that will help Abington’s 6,400 employees better manage and organize important documents. Other features include a unique approach to content organization and using tabs to separate organizational information from clinical information. The site also features an employee spotlight. Organizations understand the importance of employee recognition and these features add a unique ‘personal’ feeling to the site. Now that I have a teenager in the house, I compare it to ‘athlete of the week’ on the local news. I checking out the athlete of the week to see if it may be someone I’ve seen walk through my house or play against my child.

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A New Way to Look at ROI

A new way to look at getting ROIAs a Geonetric project manager, I work with clients to define their projects and outline the necessary steps to reach their objectives. When their goals have been met, we feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment (and release of endorphins) – and attention is turned to the next big project, or projects, without defining what the accomplishments mean for the organization.

At our annual client symposium, held in September in Iowa, I was tasked with leading a workshop. My topic:  ROI. I imagined that preaching on ROI for 50 minutes would cause people to zone out. Therefore, with the help of some very creative people, I was able to put together a role playing workshop that really served the audience well. In my workshop I had people wear different hats, so they could see how different roles helped obtain ROI and how different roles also benefited from ROI. For example, the marketing manager had to consider the assignment through the eyes of a foundation executive, or the CIO through the eyes of the Webmaster. It helped everyone see the different expertise of those involved in obtaining ROI– as well as the different obstacles that may hinder a person’s ability to help you obtain ROI.

One of the most important insights that came out of our workshop was that given the importance of the topic and the fact that it’s often overlooked, the goal is not to build ROI into every project you are assigned. Instead make sure it‘s included in the highly visible or important projects that have your name on them.

How do you do that? Our workshop came up with two key ideas:

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The Impact of the Content Timeline on the Launch of a Web Site

When I started at Geonetric, a very wise project manager told me that no matter how hard they try, clients always underestimate the amount of work required to write and place content on a brand new Web site.

I took these words of wisdom into consideration when I oversaw my first project launch at Geonetric, and I still remain cognizant of them many project launches later. While my batting average is improving, it’s still not 100 percent.  Every launch teaches me new tricks and illustrates different obstacles that need to be overcome.

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How Long Did You Say We Have to Get It Up and Running?

Abington Memorial Hospital (AMH) in Abington, PA recently announced the launch of their new Web site (www.abingtonhealth.org).  As the Project Manager for the Internet project, I’m pleased with the result and proud that we met our goal and delivered the site in 4.5 months!  It was a truly a team effort that could not have been completed without the focus of our development and design staff and the determination of the folks at AMH, Josh Snow and Tom Whitcraft.  I don’t think I’ve worked with anyone that could get a response so quickly when they were part of such a large organization.  The site looks great, has many new robust features, and lays the groundwork for incorporating even greater functionality in the future.

AMH distributed a special edition of their employee eNewsletter, “Abington Trends,” focused solely on the new Web site.  I thought the picture of their ‘team’ was great so I included it here.  In addition, they plan to do an online scavenger hunt to increase awareness of the site and add some interactivity, all fun things that help the AMH family create a little buzz about their newest creation!