Kayla Eko-Acquah

About Kayla Eko-Acquah

Client Advisory Product Owner Relationship builder. Task juggler. Process enhancer. Kayla’s been perfecting her project management skills for more than 9 years—and she puts these talents to use every day in her role on the client advisory team. Kayla loves to help her team build strong relationships with clients and ensure projects are delivered on time and within scope. She holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Northwestern College and an associate’s degree in management development from Kirkwood Community College. Other skills Kayla’s been perfecting include bargain shopping and Pinterest crafting—and of course this process improver is happiest when she can combine these two loves.

The Most Effective Way to Extend Your Digital Marketing Team


“My team is swamped and just doesn’t have the time to focus on our website.”

While I was the Product Owner for the Geonetric sales team, we heard comments like this all of the time.

It’s not surprising to me to hear that marketing teams are swamped. Most healthcare marketing teams run lean, and digital is only one of their many responsibilities. For these organizations, hiring a new team member focused on digital efforts would be ideal – but finding the budget to hire and taking the time to onboard can be difficult.

But there is another way to extend your team and add someone who understands digital marketing and the healthcare industry.

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