Michael Deeter

About Michael Deeter

Michael is a member of the development team at Geonetric and is responsible for ensuring VitalSite offers the functional and user-friendly design clients expect. Whenever the core product is updated, he revises the design elements to reflect and incorporate any changes. In addition, Michael researches new technologies that he applies to design mock-ups, helping Geonetric’s usability team test new ideas. He is always looking for ways to improve VitalSite’s design and provide a simple user-experience while maintaining a high-quality product. Michael also lends his design talents to the marketing department by helping plan and produce multimedia projects.

You Have to Make a Video for Your Company Where Do You Start?

Having over 10 years of videography and photography experience, I’m regularly asked about what equipment to buy or about how the latest technology is changing and how to keep up with it. Here’s my top five rules for becoming a videographer – and if this isn’t enough to prove you can do it, check out my white paper How To Create Professional Videos on a Budget.

  • Rule #1: Your camera: use it or lose it! When asked about what type of camera to get, my usual response is: “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Using your camera, no matter its make, model or age is rule number one.  Practice make perfect.  I know several photographers and videographers who would rather use the cameras they know than upgrade to a new one. No matter what camera you have or are going to buy, the most important thing to do with it is use it. A lot.
  • Rule #2: What has three legs and a head? Your Tripod. Unless you’re going for a documentary-style video, use a tripod. First, it looks much better than hand-shaken video. Second, your arms won’t get tired trying to hold the camera still. And when it comes to buying a tripod, the heavier the better. The cheap, flimsy tripods at your local discount store are usually frustrating and difficult to use. Use a tripod that you can’t break over your leg.
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