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AdWords Certified Professional. Social media expert (@nverhey). Market researcher. Nicole wears many hats in her role as digital marketing strategist. A valuable support person for the business development team, she is always ready to bring new ideas to the table and lends her expertise in emerging media to marketing campaigns. She also coordinates Geonetric’s social media accounts, webinars, and tradeshow events. Nicole received her BA in English from the University of Iowa with a minor in business administration. She is a three-time American Advertising Award winner and a devoted volunteer for Dance Marathon and Operation Overnight.

Why Non-Profits in Linn County, IA Should Apply for Operation Overnight


Anne – Molly – Kevin R. – Kevin S. – Nicole

If you are a non-profit headquartered in Linn County, IA we encourage you to apply for Operation Overnight by July 1, 2013. During last year’s Operation Overnight, four non-profits received brand new websites built by Geonetric’s experienced Web designers, developers and marketers. This year, it could be you we help!

In case you need more incentive to apply, here’s a sneak peak at some of the people who would be working on your site and why they think having a new website would help you.

“Having a presence on the Web is one thing. Having a high quality presence on the Web is another. Our teams will strive once again to build an experience for your site visitors that is better than what you can get elsewhere… and for free!” – Kevin Reiter

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Web Writing Best Practices for Developing Useful Healthcare Content

Cover of the Web Writing for Healthcare white paperWeb writing has a different set of rules and its own best practices. Effective Web content helps attract new visitors to your site, tell your unique story, build relationships, lead visitors to take the next step and promote your services. But where do you start?

Ben Dillon, VP and eHealth Evangelist at Geonetric, goes beyond just the basics of Web writing in Get to the Point: Web Writing for Healthcare. In this white paper, Ben answers your top content questions and provides proven tips and tricks to help you:

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So What is Vine and How Can Healthcare Marketers Leverage It?

Photo © 2013 Vine Labs, Inc.

Photo © 2013 Vine Labs, Inc.

If you haven’t heard of Vine yet, you soon will. Just as Instagram turned sharing filtered photos into a social craze, Vine is poised to revolutionize video clips. Vine users create and share videos that are six seconds or less which are then put on a continuous loop.

Twitter has been the biggest player in the growing popularity of Vine since it acquired the application in October 2012 and launched the free mobile version for iPhone in late January 2013. Just as Twitter’s success is attributed to the character limits imposed on status updates, having a six second time limit to their videos should benefit Vine. Vine’s connection with Twitter will undoubtedly help the application thrive and spread quickly to other social networks as well.

So now that you know what Vine is – what’s it mean for healthcare marketing?

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Your Social Media Account Was Hacked: Now What?


A little over two hours ago, Burger King’s Twitter account was hacked. Their profile was made to look like the McDonald’s Twitter account and the hackers began posting tweets no brand would be happy about. About 30 minutes later, the account was suspended. Right now it’s not clear whether it was suspended by the Burger King social media response team or by Twitter itself which takes down accounts that post offensive materials. Either way, Burger King has found itself in a delicate position where their next move is critical.

Their first step is to regain control of their account and change passwords not only on Twitter but all their social media channels. Then, after removing the unwanted tweets and getting their account back online it will be time to acknowledge the situation. They could go with a self-deprecating tweet or simply address their followers in a matter-of-fact way. The worst thing they could do is ignore the attention their account is getting and act like nothing has happened.

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A Hard Lesson Learned in Social Media Account Management from hmv

After announcing 190 job losses yesterday, British entertainment retail company hmv learned important lessons regarding social media and crisis communication. One employee with access to the @hmvtweets Twitter account tweeted play-by-plays of the layoffs not just from her personal account of @poppy_powers, but from the hmv corporate account itself.

Her first tweet set the stage, “We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!! #hmvXFactorFiring.” Later she highlighted how easy it was for her to execute the tweets and more disturbingly, why the tweets stayed up on the account for hours allowing the story to spread like wildfire, “Just overheard our Marketing Director (he’s staying, folks) ask “How do I shut down Twitter?” #hmvXFactorFiring.”

Shut down Twitter? Nothing says “unprepared” like that sentence. When a social media crisis appears you should leverage Twitter to mitigate the damage. Acknowledge the situation to your followers and clearly communicate what will happen next. Don’t place blame or act like nothing happened.

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3 Quick Reasons to Use Countdowns in Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing campaigns, using a countdown isn’t a new idea. It’s a proven tactic – and healthcare marketers should consider incorporating the countdown concept in their social media strategy more often. Particularly when promoting your organization’s events. Whether your goal is to raise awareness of a new hospital opening or register participants for a fundraising event, countdowns can provide great visuals and fresh content across social media channels.

Fresh, Shareable Content

North Kansas City Hospital has been counting down the opening of their new emergency department by posting on Facebook and Twitter. Followers of their social media channels are kept up-to-date on the project and help spread awareness of the new emergency department coming to the area. When their followers like, comment or retweet the post, it then appears on that follower’s social media feed for their followers or friends to see as well. Countdown content also offers great flexibility on the frequency of posts, although having consistent posting intervals are recommended (daily, weekly, etc.)


Social Media Users Respond to Visuals

Incorporating visual elements into your social media marketing efforts has never been more important. According to a recent HubSpot study, photos on Facebook pages receive 53% more likes and 104% more comments than the average post. Pinterest has grown so quickly that it is now the fourth largest traffic driver in the world.

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Geonetric’s Top Five Webinars, Blog Posts, and Tweets of 2012

2012_highlightsAs we head into 2013, Geonetric wanted to take a look back at our biggest conversation starters during 2012. So we compiled our top five most popular webinars, blog posts, and tweets from the past year. Hot topics in eHealth marketing were pretty easy to spot – including mobile, social media, and content. These topics will continue to be important to healthcare marketers in 2013 and Geonetric will be here to keep you informed through our GeoVoices blog, free monthly webinars, Revolution Report eNewsletter, eHealth articles, white papers, and on Twitter.

Geonetric’s top five webinars of 2012

  1. Intermediate Writing for the Web
  2. Advanced Social Media
  3. Promote Your Physicians and Medical Groups
  4. Principles of Search Engine Marketing
  5. Everything You Know About Mobile is Wrong

Geonetric’s top five blog posts of 2012

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Community Management Best Practices for the Healthcare Marketer

If you manage your hospital’s social media channels, blog, or really any area where your customers interact with your organization online and offline then you, my friend, are a community manager. Unless you work at Dell or McDonald’s, community management is likely only one facet of your role within the marketing department. But it’s a very important one.

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Winning the Content Battle with Strategy

Do you know the stages of the ever-evolving Web content lifecycle? How about what makes your online content effective? To be successful in today’s online world, website managers need to approach content strategically. They need to know who their content is targeting and how to stay consistent across both online and offline media channels.

In the March 2012 edition of Healthcare Marketing Report, Geonetric’s Ben Dillon explains not only what content strategy is, but also why it is so important to healthcare marketers. Ready to learn more? Read Ben’s article, “Winning the Content Battle with Strategy.”

What Does PIPA/SOPA Mean for Healthcare Marketers?

The internet lit up today when Google and other popular sites took a stand against the Protect IP Act (PIPA) and the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). But why? In a nut shell, there is a big disconnect between what the goals of these acts are and what they could potentially evolve into.

Content piracy has always been a hot topic online. This is especially true for the entertainment industry that constantly sees music, movies and other copyrighted material being used in unauthorized digital mediums. There are already laws in place to assist copyright-owning companies that focus on penalizing users, taking down specific site content and suing peer-to-peer software companies (remember Napster?) that infringe on copyrights.

But SOPA and PIPA take those penalties to the next level. SOPA and PIPA would enable companies to sue sites, search engines, and blogs who act as outlets for users that share copyrighted material. So the argument boils down to who is responsible when copyrighted materials are being shared online: the users who are sharing the copyrighted material without permission or the sites they use to share that material on?

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Best of the Best 2011

Month after month, Geonetric shares expertise in eHealth hot topics through free educational webinars, the eNewsletter and on Twitter. As 2011 comes to a close, we were curious to see which topics stood out as the most influential of the year. So here you have it, our top five webinars, eHealth articles and Tweets of 2011.

Geonetric’s top five webinars of 2011

  1. More than Bullets: Creating a Content Strategy
  2. The Role of the Web in Wellness Promotion
  3. Marketing Wellness Initiatives: A Roundtable
  4. Use the Web to Empower Employees
  5. Tools and Technology That Will Change the Face of Wellness

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How Can I Use the Web to Improve the Health of My Community?

Find out the answer to this very question in Ben Dillon’s article in the July 2011 issue of eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

Due to health reform, hospitals are increasingly focused on wellness and are turning to the Web as a tool to promote and manage these initiatives. In Ben’s Ask the Expert article, he share examples of healthcare systems that have successfully utilized the Web to motivate, educate and build awareness of their wellness programs to promote healthy behaviors in their communities. He also addresses the benefits of turning to the Web and the future of wellness promotion.

Dance First, Listen Later

The first bit of advice you probably received when your organization embarked on the social media journey was to “listen to your audience.” You searched key terms in Twitter and Facebook, and set up Google Alerts. If you are a small organization, you may not have heard a thing and got discouraged.


Your target audience didn’t join Twitter and Facebook to talk up your brand. They did it to interact with their family and friends. So stop being a social media wall flower, get out there and start dancing. But first, make a social media plan. Without having plan how will you know what your goals are? Without goals how will you know if your plan was successful? Start with figuring out how you will engage your target audience. Some ideas:

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Home Sweet Home

So you’ve expanded your marketing efforts for your hospital beyond the traditional methods to include social media and other online mediums. But have you taken any time to consider the possibility of integrating all your marketing materials into one comprehensive campaign?

My husband and I recently moved into our first home together. As soon as our internet turned on, I was searching for all the things my old neighborhood had afforded me. I was going down my checklist to find a grocery store, nearest gas station, and other basics. I honestly hadn’t even thought about healthcare, yet.

Then we received a mailing from Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids welcoming us to the area. What surprised me most about the mailing was the level of personalization it achieved.

The welcome message read “Welcome Knoll Family” with an invitation to reach out to the closest Mercy clinic. Not only was this accompanied by an image of the clinic with information on the services provided, providers we’d meet and contact information, but also a custom Google map image that started at our new address and ended at the clinic.

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Facebook Not Being Utilized By Hospitals

More and more healthcare organizations are getting on board the social media train. But according to a recent Verasoni case study, most organizations aren’t effectively using Facebook to engage patients and build brands.

The study found that children’s hospitals overall tend to have a higher concentration of quality interactions between patients and the hospital. The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado – a Geonetric client – is an example of a children’s hospital that is successfully using Facebook to cultivate a sense of community among their fans. Their Facebook page provides a common ground for their patients and their patients’ families to interact with each other, and in turn, with the hospital.

What The Children’s Hospital is doing right:

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