Enhancing Web Content Through Storytelling

great-storytelling-in-healthcareblogDrama. Likable characters. A happy ending.

Keys to a great story, right? They can also be keys to compelling Web content – as we learned last month at Camp Reboot, Geonetric’s ninth annual eHealth Symposium.

For those of you who weren’t able to join us, here’s a recap of a presentation from a member of our content team:

Great storytelling can expand your healthcare brand, according to Michelle LeCompte, Geonetric’s director of content services. Stories capture attention, connect with the reader and continue to resonate after they’re told. Stories engage our emotions – and have been proven to convert behavior. Michelle shared:

“Brands that connect with their buyers on an emotional level will see two times more impact than marketers trying to sell functional value.”

Her point? When it comes to marketing, feelings win out over facts every time.

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6 Resources Everyone in the Search Marketing Industry Should Be Using


One question Geonetric hears from clients is, “How do you keep up with all these changes in SEO, PPC, and social media?” Good question!

I shared my reading list with attendees of Geonetric’s 2014 eHealth Client Symposium: Camp Reboot, and thought others may benefit from this list as well. A word of caution: these blogs will turn you into a search marketing geek in no time flat.

So, what do I read in my free time to keep up with Google, Bing and the other cast characters in search and social media? Here’s my current reading list:

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eHealth Symposium 2013: Creating, Innovating, Pushing Boundaries

Last week we held our 8th annual eHealth Symposium. Clients from all over the country came to Iowa to work together on pushing the boundaries of healthcare marketing. With a jam-packed agenda of topics ranging from the latest website design trends to agile marketing methods to newsjacking, clients left with brains full of new ideas, knowledge and relationships:

Clients also received a healthy dose of Iowa hospitality, which consists of overwhelming friendliness, and over-the-top food:

It helps that we hold the event at The Hotel at Kirkwood Center, which is unlike any hotel you’d expect to find in Iowa:
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The Symposium High

The anticipation for Geonetric’s annual eHealth Symposium felt a little like waiting for Christmas as a kid. As an account manager I get to interact with our clients daily, and usually that interaction takes place over the phone. I was excited to meet our amazing clients in person and most importantly introduce them to the large support team we have at Geonetric! I get to experience the great work of our designers, content writers, strategists and brains behind our software and portal products every day and couldn’t wait for our clients to experience the same!

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A New Way to Look at ROI

A new way to look at getting ROIAs a Geonetric project manager, I work with clients to define their projects and outline the necessary steps to reach their objectives. When their goals have been met, we feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment (and release of endorphins) – and attention is turned to the next big project, or projects, without defining what the accomplishments mean for the organization.

At our annual client symposium, held in September in Iowa, I was tasked with leading a workshop. My topic:  ROI. I imagined that preaching on ROI for 50 minutes would cause people to zone out. Therefore, with the help of some very creative people, I was able to put together a role playing workshop that really served the audience well. In my workshop I had people wear different hats, so they could see how different roles helped obtain ROI and how different roles also benefited from ROI. For example, the marketing manager had to consider the assignment through the eyes of a foundation executive, or the CIO through the eyes of the Webmaster. It helped everyone see the different expertise of those involved in obtaining ROI– as well as the different obstacles that may hinder a person’s ability to help you obtain ROI.

One of the most important insights that came out of our workshop was that given the importance of the topic and the fact that it’s often overlooked, the goal is not to build ROI into every project you are assigned. Instead make sure it‘s included in the highly visible or important projects that have your name on them.

How do you do that? Our workshop came up with two key ideas:

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So, Where’s this Train Going?

Geonetric's 4th Annual eHealth SymposiumThe 2009 eHealth Symposium, our annual client conference, kicked off yesterday. A day-one staple of the conference is our direction as an organization – always an exciting discussion.

If I were to sum up our direction in a single sentence, it would be the following:

“It’s not about the CMS.”

But isn’t that what Geonetric does? Well, yes and no. Yes, we have a great Web content management system that we’ve deployed with a lot of organizations. But what comes “in the box”, from a software perspective, is only the start. And it’s becoming a smaller and smaller component of the overall solution.

The content that you put in your site, the way that you put the pieces together, and the way that you support them is what makes that site successful. Too often the entire focus of online efforts is in getting  the technology in place without doing all of the work required to make it successful.

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Creating a Successful eNewsletter

I recently had the opportunity to present at our client symposium on eNewsletters.  If your organization uses eNewsletters to connect with prospects, here are some quick and easy tips to makes sure you’re getting the most out of your efforts. There are five areas to evaluate to make sure your eNewsletter is effectively communicating with your audience.

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Takeaways from the 3rd Annual eHealth Symposium

Last week, we held our annual client symposium – three days of talking about where the industry is headed, the successes our clients have experienced this past year, and what’s new with our products and services. It’s always a whirlwind to put on an event like this, but based on what I heard from clients (both in person and through their evaluations), I’d rate this year’s event an overwhelming success.

Our clients enjoy meeting all of the Geonetric team face-to-face, touring our offices, learning from us, and sharing with each other. But my top three takeaways from this year’s event aren’t what you might expect…

It’s not a symposium without lots of great food.

The first evening we hosted a barbeque at our offices in Cedar Rapids. The barbeque served up by Geonetric’s grill master (a.k.a., Jason, our Senior SQL Developer) was amazing. The second evening, we held a progressive dinner at local museums and the wine was poured by Geonetric’s executive team – gives a whole new meaning to “serving” our clients! And the breakfasts, lunches, and snacks were plentiful and delicious. I don’t know many software companies that have an event coordinator on staff, but I’m grateful that we do!

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