Gundersen Health Redesign Gives Patients What They Need



It matters for the digital presence of a multi-hospital system like Gundersen Health System.

But trying to control consistent branding and content across more than 100 locations in three states led to some instances of duplicate content and the creation of multiple microsites.

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Sinclair School of Nursing Sets Sights on Sharing Their Story

Sinclair School of Nursing Home Page

Running a college has a lot in common with running a health system: You have lots of people coming through your door – both physically and digitally – and you have important and sometimes complicated information to share with your audience.

For Erica VandenHouten and Dr. Robin Harris – the team of two on the University of Missouri’s Sinclair School of Nursing website redesign – their digital welcome mat had aged a little over the years while also becoming a bit of a filing cabinet. They knew it was time for some serious spring cleaning. Continue reading

Patient-focused microsite promotes Altru Advanced Orthopedics

Altru Advanced Orthopedics
Altru Health System’s orthopedics clinic was going through some changes. The growing service line was moving to a new facility and underwent a brand change – including getting a new name, Altru Advanced Orthopedics.

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Bryan Health Launches New Main Website, Builds Microsites That Matter

Bryan Health
Bryan Health, based in Lincoln, NE, recently launched a new, responsive website, along with two audience-specific microsites.

The organization needed a CMS that could be flexible enough to showcase their health system, college of health, and wellness center. And their previous system just wasn’t doing the job. So they called on Geonetric and VitalSite, and we were happy to help.
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Mercy Medical Center Connects with the Community through Microsite

Many healthcare organizations recognize the need to support prevention and awareness with local events to raise funds. Using the Web to keep the community informed is an important piece.

This year marks the 23rd anniversary for the Especially for You (EFY) Race against breast cancer, hosted in Cedar Rapids, IA and sponsored by Mercy Medical Center and General Mills.

Geonetric was honored to be given the opportunity to provide an updated Web presence that supports such a successful program.

The new site focuses on YOU. It speaks to the community, race participants and most importantly, shares stories of those who have been touched by this cause. Additionally, it offers sponsorship and volunteer opportunities for community members and local businesses who want to get involved.

In order to build a successful new Web presence, Geonetric and the EFY Web team worked together to determine goals of the new site, reviewed historical analytical data, and spoke candidly about how the new design needed to tell their story through both words and images. These discussions uncovered the need for high visibility to the EFY store and identified additional functionality for volunteers to sign-up online via the VitalSite Calendar & Events module. Finally, to meet the needs of a high percentage of mobile users, this new microsite uses a responsive approach. This allows all of the information for site visitors to be easily viewable from any mobile device, while easily managed by site admins in one location.
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New Centralized Site for Meritas Health Proves More is Not Always Better

Sixteen separate websites. It’s a lot for a marketing team to manage. And it’s a lot for site visitors to navigate.

That’s why Meritas Health decided to move to one comprehensive website. They’re not alone – the move to system sites is popular right now. HCA Virginia and LewisGale Regional Health System both recently worked with us to reinvent and reorganize their Web presence.

Why the move to an integrated site? Organizations understand that one site is easier for site visitors to interact with – and it helps them show the services offered at a system level.

Mertias Health now has one site for all 16 of their clinic locations to call home. It’s clean, easy-to-navigate, and does a great job of focusing on the regionally-known Meritas Health brand while still allowing individual clinics ample space to tell their story.

Moving to a central, single site structure was certainly one of the main goals, but not the only one. The new site also better meets the needs of mobile users with responsive design, offers convenient functionality like online bill payment, and helps promote the organization’s providers with robust physician profiles.

It takes a lot of thought and effort to consolidate content and Meritas Health made lots of hard decisions to get here. But the end result is truly user-focused and showcases the strength of the Meritas Health network. Congrats!

Meritas Health Homepage

National Jewish Health Launches For Professionals Microsite

Fifteen years as the number one respiratory hospital in the nation? No pressure there!

With credentials like this, National Jewish Health knows a growing number of healthcare professionals turn to them for advice and information. It was essential National Jewish Health made it as easy as possible for this audience to find information and complete tasks. That’s why they turned to Geonetric to develop a much-needed microsite dedicated to professionals that backed up their reputation as being the best.

We were excited to help National Jewish Health streamline the design of the For Professionals microsite, as well as organize the content to make sure these healthcare professionals found the information they needed quickly. When you’re number one, why not take the opportunity to show off? The new site is more focused on the tasks and information used by the professional audiences, making it easy to refer a patient, order a test, or learn more about their research.

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Crozer-Keystone Kidney Transplant Center Microsite Launches

With the addition of a kidney transplant program, Crozer-Keystone Health System was looking to increase the visibility of the program, educate patients, and once again create a truly distinct site while still maintaining the integrity of their strong brand. Through a partnership with Geonetric, Crozer-Keystone Health System launched an intuitive, unique and fully-integrated Web presence with the Crozer-Keystone Kidney Transplant Center microsite.

The intuitive architecture allows visitors to enter the site at any point and easily find information based on their situation. In addition to showcasing the technology and sophistication the market has come to expect from Crozer-Keystone, this unique design remains true to the branding guidelines established on their main website thanks to the collaboration of the Crozer-Keystone marketing and Web teams, kidney transplant team, and the Geonetric design team.

But we didn’t stop there. Knowing the value that collaboration plays, we wanted to provide a channel to safely and securely communicate critical and highly sensitive information among medical staff in a timely manner. So we developed a secure discussion board that physicians can access directly from the public-facing website. This allows authorized users to access the site from anywhere.

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Methodist Medical Center of Illinois Extends Successful Redesign to New Microsite

After redesigning their website, Methodist Medical Center of Illinois wanted to extend that success to their microsite. Partnering with Geonetric, Methodist Medical Center of Illinois overhauled the Methodist Medical Group microsite including the design, information architecture and content – the whole nine yards!

Keeping the goal of promoting Methodist Medical Group and its physicians in mind, we evaluated site analytics and performed usability tests to improve the information architecture. Then we assessed the content of the existing microsite. We identified unnecessary and unused content and streamlined the content to make it easier for users to complete tasks and find important information.  Overall, this improved overall site usability.

The fresh, new design of the Methodist Medical Group’s microsite reflects the branding of the hospital’s website so users don’t feel disconnected from one site to the other. But at the same time we were able to incorporate distinct touches and a layout to give the microsite its own unique look and feel.

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Microsite Reflects Brand But Adds Unique Design Elements

The Healthplex Sports Club for Crozer-Keystone Health System has always had a website with a unique look, but when Crozer-Keystone went through a complete redesign and migration to the VitalSite 6 platform, Healthplex wanted in on the fun too!  Who wouldn’t be jealous of the new Crozer website?  It is pretty amazing, and as I have already said, really speaks for itself!

Healthplex took advantage of the opportunity to not only jazz up the site design, but to also utilize VitalSite’s functionality to make the site more interactive for users.  Healthplex wanted a fresh look that’s consistent with the overall look of the Crozer-Keystone brand.  To do that, the new design resembles the layout of the Crozer site while applying unique design elements.  Healthplex also incorporated updated imagery of the facility and equipment to highlight its facility.

By migrating the site to VitalSite, Healthplex now has access to new interactive features, like calendar and events and many new forms.  Users have the option to sign up for a free three-day pass through an online form, which is promoted on the home page and throughout the site with bold red buttons.  They can also request information through an online request form.  Personally, I’m interested in that free three-day pass, but the flight time from Iowa to Pennsylvania makes it a little tough for me.  But if you are in the area, check it out for yourself.

We all know a website is a continual work in progress. So even though everyone’s excited about the recent launch of the Healthplex microsite, the team continues to work on improving the content and engaging its audience.  But what a great start they have!

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When to Use a Microsite vs. a Landing Page

When promoting a campaign, when should you develop a microsite vs. a landing page? This simple question has generated many conversations here at Geonetric, especially as we work with clients to promote their wellness campaigns online. And like many questions, the answer is: it depends.

Let’s start by defining microsites. A microsite is a mini website separate from the hospital’s main website. Microsites are typically small sites – with 3-10 pages. What makes them different to a small website is that microsites are usually built to be promotion specific – they focus on a specific topic or target a specific audience. Microsites deviate from the organizational site in terms of design, colors, logos, and messaging.

There are several reasons why you may need to create a microsite:

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New Microsite: Builds Credibility, Showcases Impressive Program

The Reginald S. Lourie Center joined the Adventist HealthCare family in July 2006, but as a private school for children with behavioral and emotional needs, it definitely attracts a different audience than Adventist HealthCare’s other hospitals and medical facilities. Previously, The Center has kept its website separate from Adventist HealthCare’s site, but the time came when it made sense to make a change.

The Center was going through a rebranding process, providing the perfect time to update the site and an opportunity to offer site visitors more information and interactive features.  The Center teamed up with the Adventist HealthCare’s Web team and Geonetric to create a microsite that can be easily managed using Geonetric’s VitalSite platform.

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Putting Success in a Successful Site Launch

In March, we launched four successful new client sites. And although four launches in one month is impressive, we’re much more focused on the successful part of that sentence. Why? Because we believe a website, intranet or patient portal is only as good as the results it delivers.

We help our clients see the results of their efforts immediately. Not only do they hear the rave reviews and compliments from their own site visitors, we also provide them with a post-launch report detailing statistics on their key success measurements.

Here’s a look at our recent launches and some of the stats we’ve seen:

  • MidMichigan Health started the month with the launch of its new website and “MyMidMichigan” patient portal. Within two weeks of launching, MidMichigan noticed an improvement in key site traffic measurements: visitors are spending more time on the site and the pages are relevant to visitors measured by a low bounce rate.
  • Mid-month, Overlake Hospital Medical Center unveiled its new website and “My Overlake” portal, and also became the first hospital to launch a mobile site in the greater Seattle area! The new site generated 478 total portal users in a month and the first portal users signed up within an hour of launch. And after just four weeks, Overlake’s visits were up by 28%, a total of $93,201.41 was collected in online bill payments (a new feature for Overlake), and again, pages are relevant to visitors measured by a low bounce rate of 27%.
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