Building (Digital) Bridges from Hospital to Physician

Building (Digital) Bridges from Hospital to PhysicianConsumers are demanding a more active role in making healthcare choices. This is one of the most significant changes taking place in the industry and one we’ve talked about extensively via our webinars, whitepapers and articles. However, consumers aren’t the only constituents that hospitals must target to develop business. Hospitals are placing renewed focus on improving physician relations and physician sales.

While the relationship between physicians and hospitals are often complex and occasionally strained, the fact is: for a hospital to be successful, their doctors need to be successful. Nearly all physicians are online as are a great many patients that are looking for physicians. As a result, the Web is a great place to be promoting your physicians and supplementing the other physician relations programs that you have in place.

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Not to Brag, But…

Not to Brag, But...Usually I’m trumpeting the great work done by my team at Geonetric, but today I’d like to talk about our clients’ great work. One of the best things about working with smart clients is they do such amazing things!

A couple of examples I thought to highlight for you:

  • Mercy Medical Center yesterday featured a live colonoscopy on their website. It’s of a Mercy employee undergoing the procedure, while simultaneously live tweeting the event on Twitter, and broadcasting each step on Facebook! What a great way to engage the community on an important issue and make the most of an opportunity! Kudos to Melissa Erbes at Mercy who put it all together.
  • Southern Regional Health System is in the process of acquiring a Certificate of Need to bring open heart surgery to their area. Marcus Gordon put together a section of their website announcing the program, as well as a coordinated series of tweets on the subject and matching print advertising. So far, they’ve seen impressive results! Great job Marcus on getting the word out!
  • Adventist HealthCare built a microsite to support their efforts to build a new Clarksburg Community Hospital, focusing communication efforts toward a single site that includes key video messages from community leaders and supportive residents. They also created a Facebook site specifically for this project. Rick Rinaudot put this plan together and has done a fantastic job of building the online resource for this critical project.

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