Building (Digital) Bridges from Hospital to Physician

Building (Digital) Bridges from Hospital to PhysicianConsumers are demanding a more active role in making healthcare choices. This is one of the most significant changes taking place in the industry and one we’ve talked about extensively via our webinars, whitepapers and articles. However, consumers aren’t the only constituents that hospitals must target to develop business. Hospitals are placing renewed focus on improving physician relations and physician sales.

While the relationship between physicians and hospitals are often complex and occasionally strained, the fact is: for a hospital to be successful, their doctors need to be successful. Nearly all physicians are online as are a great many patients that are looking for physicians. As a result, the Web is a great place to be promoting your physicians and supplementing the other physician relations programs that you have in place.

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Quit Talkin’ Traffic!

Quit Talkin’ Traffic!Forget site traffic, Facebook friends, and Twitter followers.  hey don’t matter.

Not by themselves, at any rate.

Do you think your CEO cares about how many people came to your Web site? Does your Board of Directors care how many times you were retweeted?

The answer is no. Not, that is, unless you can translate that into something that keeps them up at night.  What did visitors DO when they got to your site and how did that translate into patients walking in the door?  Are you getting more donations as a result of your efforts on Facebook?  How much faster are you able to fill nursing vacancies at your hospital because of your tweets?

Why does your work matter?

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A New Way to Look at ROI

A new way to look at getting ROIAs a Geonetric project manager, I work with clients to define their projects and outline the necessary steps to reach their objectives. When their goals have been met, we feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment (and release of endorphins) – and attention is turned to the next big project, or projects, without defining what the accomplishments mean for the organization.

At our annual client symposium, held in September in Iowa, I was tasked with leading a workshop. My topic:  ROI. I imagined that preaching on ROI for 50 minutes would cause people to zone out. Therefore, with the help of some very creative people, I was able to put together a role playing workshop that really served the audience well. In my workshop I had people wear different hats, so they could see how different roles helped obtain ROI and how different roles also benefited from ROI. For example, the marketing manager had to consider the assignment through the eyes of a foundation executive, or the CIO through the eyes of the Webmaster. It helped everyone see the different expertise of those involved in obtaining ROI– as well as the different obstacles that may hinder a person’s ability to help you obtain ROI.

One of the most important insights that came out of our workshop was that given the importance of the topic and the fact that it’s often overlooked, the goal is not to build ROI into every project you are assigned. Instead make sure it‘s included in the highly visible or important projects that have your name on them.

How do you do that? Our workshop came up with two key ideas:

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A Big Impact in a Short Time

A Big Impact in a Short TimeThe day a client’s new site goes live is obviously exciting. But for most of us at Geonetric, what’s really exciting comes in the weeks after go-live.

After the dust settles and the excitement dies down, we provide our clients a post launch report. In other words— tangible results they can take to their stakeholders and show the value the new site is providing.

We were just reviewing the launch report for one of our latest success stories and let’s just say –the first two weeks were pretty impressive.

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